We are a Hong Kong based business, operating throughout the Asia Pacific region. We provide management consulting services to organizations and business in the Asian region, supporting a range of different companies to achieve outstanding results.

We work with a conceptual model that takes into account both organisational issues and issues related to individual skills and individual development.

An area of special interest for us is generating alignment within companies. We work with companies in the process of overcoming internal conflict and improving internal teamwork, right through to supporting companies that are in the process of becoming learning organizations.

We provide a range of different services to our clients. We facilitate strategic planning process at a senior level, provide training and communications support for major cultural change efforts, and also provide executive coaching and focused training modules to develop critical people skills within organizations.

All processes which we use take cultural sensitivities into account, and we are able to offer full service in Cantonese, Mandarin and English.

For other languages we operate through simultaneous interpreters.

We make use of a battery of different human change technologies to support our clients in achieving the outcomes that they desire. Some of the key methodologies currently in use include:

Experiential Learning
Facilitated Group Process
Accelerated Learning
Conflict resolution processes
Integration of learning with strategic planning
• Systems thinking

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