Simulations are a powerful and very effective way to help people learn. Most of the issues that are of concern to organizational survival tend to develop over very long time spans, and within complex systems. Often, important issues have emotions attached to them that make objective discussion and evaluation difficult at best.

In a simulation, time can be compressed and people can be distanced from the "life-or-death" stresses that accompany real business decisions. Also, the major elements of a system can be built into a simulation. When people participate in a simulation they learn about relationships in the system, and especially the ways in which, over time, their own actions can come back to haunt them.

We design business simulations for very specific business situations to help people more clearly understand the dynamics of the daily problems which they are trying to deal with. Tailor made simulations help bring attention to the critical factors underlying an organizational problem that you may be trying to address.

These simulations can be used in training situations, or as part of an ongoing conversation in the context of team learning.

We also make use of ready made simulations when these are able to demonstrate critical issues of relevance to an organization.

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