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Everyone wants to improve themselves - how they think, work, and interrelate with others. Sometimes, however, people are stuck.

Group programmes can provide the foundation skills and common language needed for good teamwork and for the changes that are required, for instance, in a major re-engineering effort or organisational values alignment process.

But, different individuals have different needs. As your company grapples with change and new ways of doing things, sometimes your people will face complex and difficult situations.

Often, the personal issues causing the problem are too sensitive to raise with others in the company. This is especially true if the individuals involved are in senior positions in an organisation.

For people in these situations we will work on a one-to-one basis to help them achieve personal breakthroughs. Together, we identify barriers to excellence and put in place new ways of working that generate extraordinary results. As they work with us, executives can expect to achieve significant breakthroughs in:

• Workplace relationships
• Leadership capabilities
• Persuasion and influencing skills
• Motivation
• Analytical ability
• Creative ability
• Presentation ability
• Decision making abilities

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