NLP(Neuro-linguistic Programming)

"Neuro-linguistic programming is a way of viewing the world that has left behind it a trail of useful techniques and approaches for human change. " (Richard Bandler)

It was first developed as a discipline in the 1970's by Richard Bandler , a psychologist, and John Grinder , a linguist. The two started with the assumption that peak performance of any human activity depends upon an individual using specific "strategies". Strategies are basically thought patterns, attitudes, beliefs, and the subtle ways in which people use their bodies. Bandler and Grinder believed that strategies could be uncovered, learned and taught. The more closely that one individual could match the strategies of another, the more likely he/she would be able to replicate that person's performance.

Initially Bandler and Grinder observed three masters of human change - Milton Erickson, probably America's greatest hypnotherapist; Virginia Satir, one of the most effective family therapists of the time; and Fritz Perls, the founder of Gestalt psychotherapy. All three were able to get results which other therapists only dreamed about.

Bandler and Grinder modelled (link to modelling page) these three, and were able to distill the key elements which made it possible for these masters to obtain the results that they did. The results were a set of approaches and techniques which NLP practitioners continue to use support their clients in generating positive change.

NLP is also a modelling discipline. It teaches how we can, through careful observation, identify what it is that makes any performance outstanding. As we observe we can uncover the critical elements and then learn these. In this way, anyone can become a master at any field which they choose.

At Chris Lonsdale and Associates we make use of specific NLP techniques, and also the assumptions of NLP as a discipline. Some of the ready made techniques can facilitate positive change within individuals and groups. We also do modelling to help make explicit the strategies that work in an organisation, thereby making it possible to teach these to any who wish to learn.

Chris Lonsdale is a meta-master of NLP. He actively uses this discipline when facilitating groups and individuals to achieve their potential.

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