Training Programme:
Teamwork and Teambuilding

Companies need good teamwork if they are to succeed. In today's environment this is probably far truer than it has ever been.

Many companies talk about teamwork. Far fewer are able to demonstrate it in practice. Teamwork is NOT just about a warm, fuzzy feeling which sometimes comes when working with other people. In fact, good teams often have quite heated discussions.

At Chris Lonsdale and Associates we educate your people in the skills and attitudes critical for effective teamwork. We run specially designed teambuilding workshops , as well as provide services to observe and coach your teams in action as they go about their daily work. We strongly believe that, in addition to group based conventions, individual skills, attitudes and behaviours significantly affect how well teams perform.

Our intensive two day programme is designed to help members of a team understand the basic principles of effective teamwork, and learn how to apply these in the course of their every day work.

We use an interactive and experiential learning process to ensure rapid learning and understanding at both the intellectual and emotional level. Simulations help participants see for themselves the dynamics of effective and ineffective teams, as well as the role that they personally play in the success or failure of their own team.

This approach helps participants to understand both effective team dynamics, and their own attitudes and behaviours in a team setting. Introspective and discussion sessions help participants to understand how their behaviours impact results. They can then choose to make changes for improvement.

Team building events are offered on an in-house basis only.

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