Creating change in groups very much depends on having the right tools and technologies available. To create group level change it is, of course, necessary to create change at the individual level.

At the same time, one must pay attention to processes and dynamics that only occur at the level of the larger group. For groups and companies to succeed, they must understand the dynamics of effective group process, and apply this on a day-to-day basis.

When they are in groups human beings behave in certain ways. The way in which a group is managed can make a significant impact on the outcome from that group. A group that is well facilitated can change and grow relatively easily. A badly managed group will invariably get bogged down in trivia and interpersonal conflict. In the same way that NLP (link to NLP page) is a technology for individual level change, facilitation skills, and group management skills are themselves very specialised technologies, and they are critical to the success of any group.

One of the most effective ways that we know of to help groups understand their own process and then make effective change is to develop and run group based simulation exercises.

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