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Within every organisation or field one can identify people who are masters at what they do. Often, however, because they are so good at what they do they are not able to easily articulate the knowledge that they have. Nor can they say exactly how they achieve the results that they do.

One way for your company to become the best in its class is to identify points of excellence within the company, then make the knowledge and skills explicit so that these can be transferred to others. The process by which this is done is called modelling.

We specialise in identifying and modelling those individuals who have mastered critical elements of your business. We do this by working closely with the people who excel, and identify how they do what it is they do well. We pay close attention to the knowledge they need, the beliefs they hold, how they organise themselves, and even how they think about what they do.

These models are then translated into powerful learning programmes, which allow transfer of critical skills to others in the organisation.

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