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Bridging National Cultures

As global markets become increasingly competitive, companies operating regionally or globally need to perform at the highest levels in all markets. This means that communication across cultures becomes increasingly important. With different cultural and language backgrounds this rquirement can create considerable difficulty.

Though important, it is not always easy. At Chris Lonsdale and Associates we work with techniques and approaches that allow people from different cultural and language backgrounds to benefit equally from our services, thereby helping our clients to achieve the desired goal of a common level of understanding and service, company wide.

The Secret to Cultural Bridging - Creating Shared Understanding

Every culture is made up of unique elements of habit, behaviour and belief. In order to bridge differences, the most powerful approach is to build a new culture which is an extension of the two different cultures that are being bridged. To achieve this we create safe contexts that allow people from different cultural backgrounds to explore differences in world view and ways of operating. They are then able to generate an integrated new culture that supports strategic organisational objectives.

To achieve these outcomes we use a range of different tools that originate in the areas of NLP, Conflict Management and Organisational Learning.

Language as an Element of Culture

Language is a critical element of different cultures. One of the easiest ways to begin bridging the differences between your own and another culture is to begin learning the other person’s language (link to language learning page).

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