Training Programme:
Communication skills

In this course, participants learn how to use a range of powerful communication techniques to generate positive outcomes in their interactions with other people. The skills learned are very important for the work environment, and can also be applied more generally to other relationships, including those with clients, friends and family.

The course is designed to cover basic NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) theory and techniques, such as rapport building, pacing and leading, and active listening as key elements in an effective communication process. Other elements of effective human communication are also included.

Course Objectives:
1. Improve general communication skill level
2. Understand the basics of effective human communication
3. Generate good relationship with others
4. Understand others more easily and accurately
5. Influence and persuade others more effectively

Course Topics:
• What is communication?
• The patterns of effective human communication
• The NLP model of communication
• Keys to developing good relationships with others
• Building Rapport with others, basic skills of persuasion and influence, listening
skills, the use of body language in communication
• Self management skills

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