Training Programme:
Accelerated Mandarin
in (Putonghua) Training

Chris Lonsdale and Associates now runs intensive programmes for Westerners living and working in a Chinese environment. The programmes are designed to allow people to very quickly master the basics of the Chinese language. After completing the course, participants are in a position to continue developing their language skills as a consequence of living and working in a context where Chinese is the language being spoken.

This course is full time for three weeks.

Because of the initial time commitment that is necessary to break the back of learning a new language, we only run this course for people who are truly committed to learning Chinese. We do not offer this as a public course, but rather as an in-house programme for companies with expatriates operating in The People’s Republic of China, Hong Kong or Taiwan.

If knowledge of Mandarin (Putonghua) is important for your business, contact us to find out how you can learn it quickly, easily and with the most amount of fun.

To find out what others have said about the programme, visit our Language Learning References page.

To read in detail about accelerated learning and language, go to Accelerated Language page.

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