Welcome to Chris Lonsdale and Associates Bookstore. As a company we specialize in learning and change, on both an individual and organisational level. If you are looking for information to help you in some aspect of your business or personal life you can always come here to check first. This bookstore will continually add new book titles that we are sure you will find interesting and useful.

We are associated with Amazon Bookseller website, the largest bookstore on earth. Most books we offer are sold at 10% discount from the publishers price. All of our books are sold with the Amazon money back guarantee! They are all shipped priority mail, and can even be giftwrapped and delivered with a note for a friend!

If we've read the books we will add our own comments to help you make your decision. Otherwise, we will include the comments of individuals that we respect for their opinions.
Also, we are always on the lookout for quality titles. If you know of a book that you think makes a significant contribution to people's knowledge about change and learning, either for individuals or organizations, please send us the information with your comments. Just click to go to our feedback form.

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