Training Programme:
Supervisory Skills

Supervisors are critical for ensuring consistency and continued improvement of your business. They are the holders of institutional knowledge, and bearers of the company culture.

A critical factor underlying the success of a company is the degree to which the knowledge and experience in the company is transferred to new people as they join. While training programmes are important, even more important is the role of the supervisor. This is because on the job learning is actually the source of most people’s learning at work.

Of course, a supervisor can try to control every single detail of a subordinate’s work. However, this is inefficient and, ultimately, does not help an organization develop. An effective supervisor takes responsibilty to support the growth and learning of the people under their command.

In order to do their job properly, supervisors require a range of knowledge and skills that can help them support the development of their people. Quite simply, supervisors can make or break the every day learning of people who report to them.

We offer supervisory skills training for individuals who have to manage or supervise others in the work environment. Our supervisory skills courses cover the basics of supervision and leadership, as well as teaching practical skills that supervisors can use to help their people learn easily and quickly.

All of our training programmes make use of powerful training methodologies that lead to high impact long term results.

This course is offered on an in-house basis only.

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