Releasing Organisational Energy -
Organisational Alignment Processes
A group of people that is co-ordinated and aligned can create incredible energy and powerful business results.

However, organisations are complex, with many interacting factors. All too often, rather than energy being directed towards meeting the strategic goals of an organisation, it comes to be directed internally. This generates conflict (link to conflict resolution page), uncertainty, and inflexibility.

We specialise in diagnosing barriers (go to investigative and analytical services) to organizational alignment, and then work with key players in an organisation to dissolve these. When you use the tools that we have available, you can fully align everyone behind your organisation's strategic objectives.

When necessary, we also work with you to ensure that the strategic objectives take into account all critical information and knowledge held in different parts of the organisation. For instance, we examine communication processes within the organisation, and ensure that mission critical information is being transmitted to all key players.

To generate maximum effectiveness we make use of an iterative process that involves all levels of the company, as and when appropriate.

The diagram below demonstrates how the different change processes we use interact with the management/leadership process within an organisation. To find out more about each element, click on the circle.

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