Training Programme:
Presentation Skills

Presentation is critical to good management as well as to selling and communicating in many different contexts. We offer a intensive basic and advanced level presentation skills programmes to help people become good professional presenters.


Upon completion, participants in our presentation skills training are able to:

• Define the characteristics, expectations and needs of an audience
• Design a presentation strategy to capture an audiences’ imagination
• Communicate key, relevant messages
• Prepare relevant, professional and easy to understand visual aids
• Use their voice, posture and eyes as a powerful part of the communication process
• Respond effectively to the thoughts, behaviour and attitudes of their audience
• Avoid the pitfalls generally encountered by inexperienced presenters

Topics covered include:
• Elements of excellent presentation
• Preparation and organisation of a presentation
• Presentation strategy and format
• State control techniques
• Managing your energy on stage
• The appropriate use of visual materials
• Using the voice and body
• Question and answer techniques

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