The Missing Link - From Ideas to Action

Many leaders of organisations have a fair idea of where they want to be. They have strategies and goals. However, all too frequently, strategies are not implemented and goals not really achieved. Old problems continue to resurface, and it seems that no real progress has been made.

Often, the latest management fads cause more problems than they solve. Anyone who has ever tried to improve organisational effectiveness knows that there are formidable barriers.

These barriers include:

• Conflicting (link to conflict resolution page) visions, and lack of alignment throughout the organisation
• Ineffective or ambiguous internal communication
• Cultural resistance (link to cultural bridging)
• Inappropriate or unmatched competencies (link to page on competencies), attitudes, knowledge and skills of the people in the organisation.

Only when these issues are addressed effectively can you truly align the activity in your organisation with your strategic objectives.

At Chris Lonsdale and Associates we continuously conduct applied research into the best ways of overcoming barriers to organizational excellence. Some of the approaches we use are our own unique formula. (link to CLA Change Model) Others make use of tried and true methods (link to CLA Tools) for generating learning and change in both individuals and groups.

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