Training Programme:
Learning How to Learn

This two-day program is designed to teach adults new ways of learning so as to improve efficiency, understanding, productivity and creativity in the workplace. The course integrates modern research in neurology, psychology, and accelerated learning methodology to help participants generate significant breakthroughs in the way that they learn.


1. Help participants develop techniques for learning new skills with faster speed
2. Help participants understand how to make learning a fun and enjoyable experience (again)
3. Dissolve participants blockages to learning
4. Develop participant’s mental flexibility


• The Learning continuum
• Understanding how your brain works (or understanding how your brains work)
• Mnemonic techniques
• Perceptual preferences in learning
• Brain dominance test
• Using all senses in the learning process
• Identifying and applying optimal learning strategies
• Using the concept of the "Flow" state to maximise learning

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