Training Programme:
Release the Power of
Language in Your Life


This intensive, two day programme has been specially designed to help people in Hong Kong develop the communication skills needed for personal success at this critical time.

If you recognize that improving your ability to communicate is important for your career, then this programme is for you. You’ll learn powerful new ways of communicating effectively in your mother tongue, making communication more easy and effective than you ever thought possible. And, you can apply the same skills to a second language just as effectively.

New Skills; Powerful Results

Besides enjoying yourself, from this workshop you can expect to experience a whole range of different results, including:
• Success and confidence in interviews, presentations, sales and negotiations
• Overcoming hesitation in communication with superiors
• Greater flexibility and control of your emotional states
• The ability to pay attention to your words, and the effect they have on people
• A new, stronger sense of self confidence
• Enhancing your ability to influence others
• Improving the important relationships in your life
• Enhancing your ability to communicate easily with people from different cultures
• The ability to use body language for maximum effect

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