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Often the issues that need resolving inside an organisation are multi layered and subtle. At times they are structural. At other times the issues are much more the result of unquestioned assumptions and hidden belief systems.

Sometimes you will know the exact nature of the problems that you face. You might even have some ideas as to what the solutions might be.

At other times, much more clarity about the nature of the situation may be required. In situations where more information is required we will work with you to identify exactly what is going on, and the nature of the most effective approach to generate positive changes.

We will carry out research into your problem using a range of different methods. These include:

• In depth one-on-one interviews with people in your organisation
• Focus group discussions with key constituents within your organisation
• Observing people working and communicating in different situations

After adequate data has been collected, we will then develop and present a very clear and consistent analysis which will help you to make the best decisions possible.

We can also then make use of the information gathered to develop an evolutionary process for your organisation.

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