Training Programme:
An Introduction to
Cultural Change Processes in Companies

In this course participants learn critical issues around creating change inside an organisation. The course covers the basic issues that surround cultural change management within an organisational context. It is a useful starting point for people who will need to start a change process inside their own organization.

Course Objectives:
1. Sensitise participants to the critical issues of organisational change management
2. Provide participants with some basic tools for starting an organisational change
3. Sensitise participants to the basic do and don’ts of change management

Course Topics:
• Barriers to change in an organisation
• Why change programmes so often fail
• Appropriate language for generating change
• Setting up productive conversation within an organisation facing change
• The role of senior leadership in managing cultural change
• How to become a change agent
• Basic tools for generating change in a company
• Removing the fear of change
• Turning change into a generative process
• Pros and cons of using an external facilitator

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