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Modern facilitation is a powerful technology, and can support organizations more easily and quickly achieve their potential.

There are many barriers to companies and groups planning and operating effectively. In order for groups to overcome these barriers it is often useful to employ the services of an outside facilitator.

Chris Lonsdale and Associates facilitate many different types of meeting, including strategic planning meetings, organizational alignment meetings, and meetings to establish company purpose, mission and values.

We also facilitate conflict resolution processes when this is deemed necessary.

In order to help our clients achieve their goals we make use of a range of powerful facilitation tools and techniques.

For instance, in facilitating the development of an effective corporate strategy we work with a team from your organization. We help this team develop a plan by means of a number of simple, yet powerful techniques. The techniques used include things like:

• Creative Clustering
• Future Visioning
• Competitive Role Playing
• Customer Role Playing

Facilitation techniques such as these allow people to see beyond their normal every day assumptions, and create alternatives which can give your company a competitive advantage.

To find out more about how our strategic facilitation process can help your company, please contact us.

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