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Environmental issues continue to grow in importance, and increasingly they are coming to effect business around the world. In order to survive and prosper companies need to treat environmental issues seriously, and deal with them effectively.

Environmental issues, while having a technical element, are essentially a cultural problem. In order to address environmental issues effectively, you need to think about them in terms of the organizational changes that will be required. These changes will involve alignment of organizational values, new thinking among everyone in the company, and the learning of new skills and competencies.

We provide special expertise to help your company profitably manage environmental concerns, from helping you put in place a strategic environmental management plan through to educating and communicating about these issues throughout your organisation.

Chris Lonsdale, the principle of Chris Lonsdale and Associates, is trained in environmental management and Permaculture design. Before setting up Chris Lonsdale and Associates he ran a consultancy which helped companies in Hong Kong build environmental issues into company management processes.

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