Training Programme:
Complaint Handling

Irrespective of how good your service is, there will be times when customers complain. The way in which a complaint is handled can determine whether you lose a customer, with all the fallout that this can bring, or whether you turn the customer into a loyal and long time supporter of your company.

The psychological principles of dealing with complaints are well known. The secret, of course, is to apply these principles when you are in the firing line. That takes emotional intelligence and personal mastery.

This course teaches the basic rules of handling customers complaints effectively. We make use of a range of training methodologies, including simulation to help learners analyse every key step required in complaint handling.

The course also teaches the basics of emotional control under pressure, and gives people the tools they need to handle an unpleasant of conflict ridden situation. Where appropriate, we make use of NLP techniques to help learners reprogramme their responses to stress in the face of an unhappy customer.

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