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Maverick by Ricardo Semler

Semler turned his family's business, the aging Semco corporation of Brazil, into the most revolutionary business success story of our time. By eliminating uneeded layers of management and allowing employees unprecedented democracy in the workplace, he created a company that challenged the old ways and blazed a path to success in an uncertain economy.

Chris Lonsdale and Associates Review
This book is very easy to read and definitely a lot of fun. It is Ricardo Semler's story of his personal journey of discovery in taking a very traditonal Brazilian business and turning it into a powerful example of how companies can be run. The lessons are simple and direct, though reading between the lines I don't think it was all that easy to do. You can read the book in a day or so, but it's important to remember that it took Semler many years to create the sort of company that he wanted. The most important point about this story is the very clear, human vision which is probably key to the success that Semler has been able to achieve.

Customer Comments
The must-read for running an innovative buisiness.Excellent tactics for motivating employees using radical tactics I was introduced to Semler in my Cornell's MBA Program; best of the the reading I did in that program regarding how to motivate employees and how to manage efficiently.

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